What California HR Rescue Can Do For You

  • Assess Your Human Resources Policies and Procedures

How do you classify and pay your employees?  Do you post the required notices for your industry?  How do you keep employee time records?  How do you maintain and retain employee files?  These are only a few policies and procedures that can expose you to lawsuits and Department of Labor complaints.  I provide a complimentary one hour assessment to point out your risk exposure with no further commitments from you.  Of course I hope you will allow me to help you address them, but that will be your business decision to make.

  • Handle Difficult Employee Situations

I can assess situations of poor employee performance or unacceptable behavior and help you achieve a turn around, or, if necessary, terminate an employee in a humane and legally compliant manner.  I have experience working with employee representatives if that is necessary to achieve a desirable solution.

  • Conduct Complaint Investigations

Sometimes organizations go through a period of dysfunction that requires the help of an impartial human resources professional to sort out the issues and help the organization heal and move forward.  Examples are complaint investigations such as allegations of sexual or other illegal harassment, allegations of unethical behavior such as whistle-blower complaints and other difficult situations.  I can provide the outside perspective and sensitively discuss these situations with people involved and carefully document findings.

  • Design Compensation Structures

You may already outsource your payroll processing and administration but who on your staff assists you with structuring fair and logical compensation plans?   California employment law prohibits pay discrimination based on gender and racial factors so you need to know if your pay structure is compliant.  Your payroll company will not do this for you.  I can provide a confidential analysis that will immediately highlight where adjustments to your pay practices need to be made and how to achieve change with least disruption.

  •   Build Your Team

As a professional outside of your organization, I can gather information regarding employee attitudes and morale that might not be shared with a person inside the organization.  I can then structure team building efforts that will address the real issues that are keeping your team from high performance.  Process mapping can help the organization visualize work flow and identify disconnects that hurt efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Select and Develop Talent

In order to position your company as a leader you need to have the best and the brightest on your team.   In order to groom your shining stars, I can help you develop and implement performance management tools and succession plans to identify and develop the next leaders of your organization.  Additionally, I can help you create a solid foundation for a selection and retention plan for outside talent.

  • Lead Special Projects

Call me if you need assistance with a special project such as selecting and implementing human resources information systems, electronic recruitment systems or other non-recurring projects.